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ZeeGrid - Win32 Grid Control

ZeeGrid, the successor to the popular BabyGrid, is being released for free use in your Win32 applications.

BabyGrid had its share of problems. I read user feedback, both compliments and complaints, and spent many years developing ZeeGrid to address all of the shortcomings of BabyGrid.

ZeeGrid is an editable grid with a similar user interface to Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet. It is released as a compiled DLL and associated header file. You need only distribute the DLL file with your application.

In your Windows program, you add ZeeGrid capability with the Win32-API LoadLibrary() function. From then on, your application has access to the ZeeGrid control that can be added and used just as easily as an edit, listbox or any other standard control.

There are no language dependent functions required to use ZeeGrid. All interaction between your application and ZeeGrid is accomplished with the Win32-API SendMessage() function. This allows this single DLL-based control to be used by a wide variety of programming languages.

ZeeGrid features

How fast is it?

Since a SendMessage() function call must be made for each cell of the grid, the speed of loading the grid will of course depend on the size of the grid, and the speed of the computer running the application. On my development computer (2.66Ghz), I get a fairly consistent load rate of 2880 cells per second. So loading a grid of 10 columns with 1000 rows (10,000 cells) takes about 3.5 seconds. The time increases (or decreases) in relation to the number of cells, so you can determine the load time for your particular situation.

Once the grid is loaded, scrolling and displaying data is immediate. Emptying the grid is immediate.

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