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About Zee Controls

The family of Zee controls are message-based custom controls for Microsoft Windows application development. They are available as dynamically linked files that provide the GUI and operational functionality to look and act like any other Windows standard control.

Programatic control and interaction between the Zee controls and your application is strictly message-based (WinAPI SendMessage()) to provide an already familiar development environment.

The Zee control DLL binaries are provided for use in your applications royalty-free. They may be freely distributed with your application.

Follow the "Quick Start Guide" under the "ZeeGrid Documentation" link to see some example code to load and use the ZeeGrid control. You'll just need to replace the DLL filename in the LoadLibrary() example with the appropriate control DLL filename and use the defined messages in the associated header file.

ZeeGrid - Editable Data Grid Control

  • The successor to the popular BabyGrid control that was released in 2002. This is the flagship product for Zee Controls.
  • Displays, edits, and navigates small or large datasets
  • Fully configurable cells

ZeeGrid Download

ZeeGrid Documentation

ZeeImage - Image List/Display and Animation Control - Beta Release

  • Display image files sourced locally or on the internet*
  • Animates an image sequence with full control over frames per second.
  • Easiest way to get from image file (JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP) to internal BMP GDI object for your application.
  • Images can be different resolutions. No limit except for memory constraints.
  • Header file fully documents all message parameters.

* Beta Release does not allow sourcing images from the internet

ZeeImage Download

ZeeImage Documentation

Next Release


  • Render simple HTML sourced locally or from http site.

Coming Soon

  • ZeeMedia
  • ZeeChart
  • ZeeODBC