ZeeGrid Control Message



An application sends a ZGM_SETROWRESTRICTION message to set the restriction value of every cell in the specified row in the ZeeGrid. Restrictions perform numeric data entry validation, allowing only valid characters per the restriction to be entered.

wParam = (WPARAM)(int) iRow;         //Row number
lParam = (LPARAM)(int) iRestriction; //Cell restriction value


The value of wParam. The ZeeGrid row number to set every cell the restriction value specified in lParam.

The value of lParam. The data restriction attribute value to set every cell in the the specified row. Valid values are in the range of [0..4].
The restriction values are defined as follows:

  1. No Restriction
  2. Signed Integer
  3. Unsigned Integer
  4. Signed Double
  5. Unsigned Double

Return Values

This message does not return a value.


A restriction only restricts the characters allowed to be entered into a cell by manual keyboard input. If a paste operation is performed on restricted cells, the restriction will apply and the paste operation may not be able to be completed fully.

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