The Linux Project

Documentation for ZeeGrid and ZeeImage controls is online at

My Linux project is to mimic the basic functionality of old mainframe CICS applications.  This will be terminal (text-based) application.  The goal being that the application will be available from either Windows or Linux PCs via SSH from anywhere in the world.  This “application” will be a framework application, that will host separate sub-applications that run within the framework of the parent application (this project).  

Update:  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new information.  I’ve been somewhat sidetracked by work projects, then spending most of my available home free-time playing VR games.  But lately, I’ve been able to make somewhat daily progress on the Linux Project.  As things have turned out, I’m having to create my own input/output functionality.  That’s been slowing down progress a bit, but I’ve got old Windows code that will port to Linux so things are looking up.  I’ve already ported and tested my Windows ODBC class and it’s working great on Linux, being able to connect to a remote Microsoft SQL server.  I just want to privately develop for a while longer, so I will have many of these design issues hammered out before I try to share them with you.

This website will follow the progress of this development in the event you are interested in following along, or contributing to its development.  Follow the Blog.