ZeeControls are back online.

I was able to get the old ZeeGrid website accessible from this site.  As a last attempt to find out the number of people using ZeeGrid, if you request the URL in the comments, I will email you the URL.

Of course, I could publish the URL here, but then I’d never know how many are using it, and determining if continued support of it is worthwhile.

Be sure to comment with a valid email address.  Don’t put your email address directly in the comment though.  Just provide it in the box when prompted.


    1. Steve,
      ZeeGrid was written with MS VC, but since it uses SendMessage for the interface, it will work with any language that can use SendMessage.

  1. Hi,
    I like ZeeGrid since it is easy to use in a Win32 Project. Also, It is very powerful. I am using it in my Application and will continue to use it. I spent significant amount of time to learn it.

  2. I admire your work, the ZeeGrid API is simple,powerful and fast..Still using it in my projects and not letting go anytime soon..would love the website for reference

  3. I am happy I found this page, I am still using Zeegrid for my project. and I would like to continue using it if possible. Could I please receive the URL for the documentation.

  4. I am searching for a library like ZeeGreed.
    When I read the comments here, I say to myself that I am at the good place. Thank you for having a link on the library and its documentation.

  5. Hey! I want to try using ZEEGRID with AUTOIT. How can I get a link to the documentation?
    Will ZEEGRID work with UTF8?

  6. Okay everybody. I am through tracking this. 6 months and you can see the number of requests for ZeeGrid documentation. It’s just not worth my time anymore. You can get the documentation at https://www.kycsepp.com/zeecontrols
    You might want to take note of the response for this in case you are planning to make anything available to the community. The community is very small. Everyone seems to be doing web or mobile based applications anymore. It will not be worth your time/efforts.

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